• Meet Adeline

    Adeline Tischmacher — A secondgeneration employee in Basel, Switzerland, Adeline has been with the company for 14 years, joining after her studies. Today, Adeline is a Completion & Maintenance Operations Coordinator, keeping projects moving in the right direction. Her can-do attitude and enthusiasm for her role and team ensure that while the work is challenging, it is always rewarding.

  • Meet Chee Kieong

    Chee Kieong Leong — Positivity, patience and trust are the key qualities that Chee Kieong needs for his role as Assistant Manager P145 in Singapore. He is the bridge between strategy and execution, the link between management and the hangar, working with teams on both sides to ensure a safe, efficient and seamless operation.

  • Meet Elie

    Elie Zelouf — Elie joined Jet Aviation in 1967, when he was 33 years old. Today, he is 86. His is the story of a pioneering spirit, a can-do attitude, and a commitment to customers and colleagues around the world that spans decades. Elie is the artisan behind aviation. He is Jet Aviation.

  • Meet Stephen

    Stephen Charlett — Flexibility is key for Stephen. As the Flight Line Co-Ordinator for the Pilot Training Systems in Pearce, Australia, he oversees the flight line operations for the Number 2 Training School, supporting a fleet of 18 PC-21 aircraft, and the safe and efficient execution of the daily flying program. Between weather conditions, aircraft serviceability and aircrew availability, every day is different.

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